Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysterious Phone Incident

This afternoon my husband and I were meeting for lunch with my dad and step-mom.  My husband had left his phone in my car (he was riding a motor cycle) and so I took it into the restaurant to give to him.  "I tried to call you from Kathy's phone," he said.  "Is your phone turned off?"  I checked my phone to find no missed calls.  Then I checked the call log.  To my surprise, rather than showing "Kathy's Cell" in the incoming call list, it showed "Richie's Cell" had called at the very time Richie had tried to call me from Kathy's cell.  Confused, we all checked Kathy's phone it showed that an outgoing call went to me about 2 minutes prior to the time my phone said Richie tried to call.  Yet, my phone never showed Kathy's phone calling. 

Furthermore, Richie's phone had rested in the CD holder right in front of me for the duration of the trip.  I hadn't touched it. HOWEVER -- and this is the only possible explanation we can come up with -- I did at one point reach under the phone to get some CDs.  We figure I hit something that caused the phone to dial me.  How that could have happened while the phone was on lock -- well, I guess it could have because phones do all kinds of things like that.  However, the chances of it calling ME at almost the exact moment Richie really WAS trying to call me...  Now, why Kathy's cell never even registered as having called my phone is a mystery because, according to the clock, her call went out first, which means that Richie's cell should have been the call that went unseen to my voicemail.

Even though we can sort of explain it, it's very odd.

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