Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So now I can defend the Brown Recluse...or can I?

So far, I have managed to placate those critical of my love for all living things, bugs included, by admitting I do kill Brown Recluses and anything else that poses a threat to me in an uncontrolled situation, but now it seems that even the brown recluse can be a friend.

[update] Ok, really, they make no link between the bite and the man's progress. Here is a more in-depth article, and yet there is no explanation offered for why his progress was attributed to the Brown Recluse bite. I am thrilled for the man, but I would like a scientific explanation, or at least a hypothesis.

Oh, and the guy has since been arrested for domestic assault. I guess healing doesn't make you a saint, but it's still a little disillusioning.

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