Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have a new idol

Her name is Robyn Rhudy and she knows everything about almost everything that I have a passion for -- animals, with emphasis on fish, with a special love for the Plecostomus. I stumbled across her page when searching for info. on Plecos and found that she is very much to fish what Nat Baldwin is to rats. And to top it all off, she is (like Nat) a hell of a writer - at least in the 'how to' genre. For somebody that is trying to convey what would otherwise be dry information, she weaves in subtle humor in short, simple sentences of superfluous but amusing tidbits. (ie. After arranging her live rock, she says, "There is some coralline algae and some green fuzzy algae too. A long brown worm (looked like a freshwater blackworm) came out and flailed around, and then I think it died.") I'm referring to the content on her web site, but she also has a book on fish pond care I intend to order.

She is several things I wish I were, including a scientist, an expert in fish care, and an entertaining writer. I don't think I am capable of becoming the first (I can always pretend, just like I pretend I am a cop by wearing an NYPD shirt around the house), I hope to someday become the second, and I strive daily to be the third. We are both sci-fi fans, though. (We could totally be best friends.)

So here is her web site, for anyone else interested in the care of fish and some other animals. She has great pics of her tanks as well.


Dana said...

Naomi! You are one of my idols! You amaze me in your ability to make us all feel good about our own abilities!

Naomi said...

That's really sweet, Dana. You know you're one of mine! You need to come over for margaritas again.