Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sphinx Moth

A little bit ago I spotted this intriguing little creature that I mistook at first for a humming bird. It flew like a humming bird, but upon closer examination, it appeared to be an insect. I did an online search and found it is a sphinx moth. I have never seen one before, to my recollection. My pics aren't that great, but when I went out to get more, the moth was gone. The most interesting thing I read about it is that its metamorphosis from a caterpillar occurs underground and it must dig its way to to the surface!


Richie said...

Great pics baby!

Dana said...

Cole and I saw one of these the other day! They are amazingly big!!

Barbara said...

Incredibly beautiful. I love how you love nature. You really, REALLY, should read again some Jean Stratton Porter books. THE CARDINAL is a very touching one.G S Porter was called the bird lady and was an authority on moths. Hence, her book, Girl Of The Limberlost. Certainly makes me want to read some of her books again. I think you must get a bit of your critter loving from your mom, though where her's comes from, I don't know. This comment is long enough to warrent the need for me to get my own blog going. Sorry about that.